Novelship engages and works with industry experts that specialize in spotting fakes. We also check for signs of wear and make sure it meets strict criteria. We take authentication very seriously, and it is our core duty to ensure users obtain only real and authentic sneakers/streetwear via our platform.

Once a product arrives at our offices from the seller, our authentication team looks at every single product. No exceptions. All items we receive are inspected by at least 2 staff members. Every single detail from the box, to the inside stitching, is checked. 

Our checks will include checking the appropriate serial numbers, date codes and/or blind stamps. To ensure our authentication has a good reference, we will keep select authentic grails in-house for reference. 

For products which have good fakes available in the market, we purchase replicas to document the differences between the replica and authentic products. We use these findings to educate our authentication team in spotting fakes. We utilise black light technology to weed out the really sneaky replicas. In order to ensure a consistent authentication standard over time, we sometimes engage 3rd party experts, sending them select items to obtain a second opinion. 

Every step is designed to make sure products are legit and are also in brand new condition. Once confirmed, the product will get sent to the buyer. If we determine a product is fake or used, we will refund the buyer, send the item back to the seller and if necessary, take action against the seller to remove them from Novelship. 

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