Each product sold on Novelship undergoes a rigorous authentication check by combining a systematic, tested authentication process and checks against our authentication database. 

To begin with, the item is removed from it's clear plastic bag or shoe box for a thorough check. After this our authentication team carefully goes over the item to determine it's authenticity. Once the product is confirmed to be authentic and in brand new condition, we repackage the item and ship it out to the buyer.

If the item is fake, we will refund the buyer and penalise the seller as required. This includes charging a penalty fee and removing them from the platform to avoid future fraudulent interactions.

From time to time we will randomly select items to be sent out for third party verification checks. This ensures our authentication knowledge, process, and database is up to date and foolproof against fakes.

We strive to ensure all items purchased through Novelship are 100% authentic. In rare cases if an item is found out to be fake we will issue a full refund to the buyer.

For questions regarding authenticity, please contact us at support@novelship.com or visit https://novelship.com/authentication.

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