Promo codes are unique vouchers designed to offer you discounts when buying products on Novelship. 

Obtaining promo codes is simple and can be done in the following ways:

  1. Exchange loyalty points for promo codes in the Rewards tab under "My Account".
  2. Participate in special events where promo codes can be won.
  3. Participate in holiday sales periods where promo codes are offered.

There are four kinds of promo codes: 

  1. Website-wide promo codes - anyone with the code can use them. Do share these with your buddies.
  2. Category-specific promo codes - codes that apply to only a single category. (e.g. Sneakers Only)
  3. Personal promo codes - codes that apply only to you. You can find these in the Buying tab under "My Account"
  4. Shipping promo codes - codes that apply only on shipping fees. 

Promo codes can only be applied for the lower of the promo code value or the value of the product/service it is applied on. Promo codes can only be applied and used once per account. You cannot exchange your promo codes for cash nor will you receive a refund on the remaining promo code amount left unused. (e.g. using a $30 promo code on a $20 product).

Most promo codes have an expiration date. Personal promo code expiration dates can be viewed in your user dashboard. For all other promo code expiration dates please look out for our announcements via email or social media. All promo codes on the platform are strictly one-time use unless otherwise stated.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding promo codes please go ahead and email us at

Happy buying!

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