To Buy Now, simply follow the 7 steps below.

Step 1.

Search for the product you want to purchase in the search box as indicated by the red box. Type in the name of your desired product and hit enter or click on the magnifying glass (search icon). You may also choose to click on Browse All or scroll down to see the Hot Releases.

Step 2.

After letting the search engine works its magic, you will be redirected to a page with the relevant products. Click on the product that you wish to purchase to be redirected to the Product Page.

Step 3.

On the Product Page, you will see the Product Details, Brand, Name, and SKU. You may scroll down for the product specifications and similar products. At this point, you could either click on the BUY NOW button to make a purchase immediately or click on VIEW SIZES to see the available sizes for the product as indicated by the red box.

Step 4.

Upon clicking the BUY NOW, you will then be redirected to the SELECT SIZE page where you can see all the active listings and the price of the sneaker for each specific size. You can then click on the size that you would like to purchase. After confirming the size, If you have yet to log in, you will then have to log in at this junction as indicated by the 2nd red box in the first SELECT SIZE image. Once logged in, you can then click on the BUY NOW button, after which you will be redirected to the REVIEW PURCHASE page.

Step 5.

On the REVIEW PURCHASE page, you can then review the Purchase details. The Size, Product Price, Delivery Fee, Emergency Courier Surcharge Fee, Processing Fee, and the Total Price will be reflected as per the first red box on the first REVIEW PURCHASE image. After which, you will be able to see the total Loyalty Points that you will earn upon successful purchase. Below that, you will be able to enter your active promo code.

Once the Purchase details are confirmed, you can then enter/confirm your Delivery and Payment details. For delivery, you may choose to either have it delivered to your address or keep it at Novelship Storage. Once that is confirmed, you can then select your payment method accordingly as indicated by the red boxes. After all the details on the REVIEW PURCHASE page are confirmed, you can then click on CONFIRM PURCHASE.

Note: Please ensure that you read and understand our policies at Novelship before ticking our disclaimer checkboxes.

Step 6.

Before your purchase is finalized, you will then be greeted with a reminder to confirm your payment details. Once you have confirmed all the details again, you can click on the CONFIRM button and your purchase will be completed.

Step 7.

Congratulations! Your purchase is now confirmed. The seller is given 2 working days to ship out the order to our processing center.

Note: For a new product on the 1st week of its release, sellers are given up to 10 absolute days to ship out the order.

You will also receive an email notification informing you about your successful purchase.

If you have any further questions in regards to buying on Novelship, please do not hesitate to contact Novelship's Customer Support at or through the live chat at the website.

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